Press Release

GreenLight Native, a New Architectural Firm, Brings Clarity and Fidelity to Tribal Nations with Enhanced Digital Building Data

Tulsa, Okla. — GreenLight Native, a newly launched Native American-owned architectural services firm, is bringing greater service and clarity to tribal nations as they manage their portfolio of properties and plan for the future. Founded by Andrew Brister, AIA, member of the Cherokee Nation, the firm enhances its architectural services with building scanning and 3D reference models that ensure client needs are being heard and met.

“Today’s tribal nations seek to manage and improve their facilities with cost efficiency while remaining aligned with their stated needs. However, a lack of cohesive communication among multiple service providers can make this a challenge,” said Brister. “GreenLight Native uses highly relevant, digital building data to keep architectural services on track, so tribal nations can stay true to their vision and budgets.”

With the launch of GreenLight Native, Brister is combining his extensive experience in architectural design, building-scanning services and 3D reference modeling with his passion to understand the unique needs of tribal nations. The firm uses sophisticated spatial positioning technology to scan existing buildings and create a point cloud data set, a 3D reference model, and a 360 walk-through of the building’s exterior and interior. These assets serve as a Digital Twin of the existing building which is stored in the cloud and can be remotely referenced at any time for clarity and to ensure quality control throughout a project.

“The quality of any architectural service often comes down to the strength of communication between the client and a partner they can count on. The level of building data we bring lets tribal nations know what they have — and know they’ve been heard,” said Brister.

About GreenLight Native

Founded in 2019 by Andrew Brister, a licensed architect and member of the Cherokee Nation, GreenLight Native provides architectural services along with relevant and highly useable digital building data to tribal nations. The native-owned firm located in Tulsa, is licensed to practice architecture in Oklahoma. GreenLight Native is minority owned by SGA Design Group (SGA), also based in Tulsa. SGA is a leader in national architectural programs, prototype development & management, architectural forensic analysis and sustainable design.